1. All I want is for someone to tell me it will be okay…

    … but of course that would mean I would have to talk about my problems.

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  5. Realizing I’m the friend people hang out with not because they feel some sort of fondness for me or connection to me… but only because I happen to be around… 


  6. It sucks when…

    you’re in a long distance relationship and all you want to do is hold your boyfriend.

    when your roommate is being distant and cold.

    when my best friend from home is judgmental.

    when you can tell someone doesn’t want you as a friend anymore.

    when your mother is too self-absorbed and oblivious to know anything is wrong.

    You don’t even talk to your dad, not in over a month.

    You’re overwhelmed by schoolwork and don’t know if you can handle it.

    Everyone has a college best friend except you.

    You literally have no one to talk to.

    So you vent to tumblr instead.

    And even then no one listens.

  7. mindwarfare:

    In the end, everything will be great.

    If it’s not great, it’s not the end.

  9. Adam, I love you.

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